Proposed Development



Fain proposes new master planned community 

Fain Signature Group, along with Brown Homes, desires to create a master planned community on 650 acres of Fain owned County land located near the intersection of Lakeshore Dr. and Fain Rd.

Two public open house events were held in July and a third in August.  All events were well attended and citizens expressed strong opposition to any high density development in that area.

Their website promotes this project as "housing for all."  At the August open house, the development team described the conceptual plan for this master planned community.  It is very similar to most master planned communities.  Their conceptual plan includes a variety of housing stock including rental apartments, multi-family attached housing and single family detached housing.  Along Fain Rd, there would be commercial opportunities for services such as restaurants and retail.  The community would include the typical amenities such as a dog park, sports courts, clubhouse, walking trails, etc.

The Fain development explained that the new community will be developed in multiple phases as market conditions warrant.  Lakeshore Drive improvements would also be phased in and is ultimately envisioned as a 5 lane roadway through the new community.

In September 2023, Fain Signature Group submitted a request for annexation of the Property from Yavapai County into the Town of Prescott Valley.  Fain simultaneously submitted a Planned Area Development rezoning request and asks that both the annexation and rezoning be run concurrently and conjunctively.

Fain Signature Group held a public Neighborhood Meeting on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

Town of Prescott Valley held the first of two public hearings for the Annexation request during the Town Council meeting on Oct 12, 2023.  Watch the recorded meeting here.

Watch the Developer's website for more information:

Gary Beverly, PhD, Exec Committee Member of the Citizens Water Advocacy Group provides water facts and fills in the blanks for the audience at the July 26 2023 Open House event for the proposed Fain Lakeshore 650 development.


Proposed high density, land lease project at Bradshaw Mountain Rd and Turquoise Cr.

Fain Signature Group seeks a zoning map change for their project, The Observatory, which is to be located off of SR 69 at Bradshaw Mountain Rd and East Turquoise Cr.

The Observatory will be situated on 323 acres with approx 6 homes per acre. The single family, manufactured homes will be 1,200 to 1,900 square feet each and the median home price will be $288,000.  The buyer will purchase the home only and lease the land from the builder.

The builder held a second Public Meeting on May 24, 2023 to an overflow crowd at which citizens expressed concerns over the negative impacts that this high density development would have on the community.  The builder will require a zoning map change for this high density, land lease project.

Developer's Website


Site of former NCU headquarters on public land

The prospective new owners of the 3 story office building located at 10000 University Dr plan to apply for a zoning map change for the former NorthCentral University Headquarters building and the 50 acre parcel it sits on. The property is currently zoned Public Land, Planned Area Development (PL PAD) and a zoning code change to R1 Residential: Single Family Mixed Housing with a PAD overlay is being sought. Note that PL PAD is described in the Town code as: 

13-19a-010 Purpose. Public lands, or those lands held in ownership of public or quasi-public agencies, constitute a large sector of the Town of Prescott Valley and are therefore set aside in a PL (Public Lands) District reflecting the present and future land uses of this public land. This designation separates these uses from the customary urban uses and is reflected on the official Zoning Map. The district is intended to provide areas within the community for location of parks, public open space, governmental buildings and facilities, schools and school grounds, quasi-public buildings and facilities, towers, antennae and wireless telecommunications facilities, and related uses for the enjoyment and use of present and future generations.

The proposed Development Plan calls for adding two apartment buildings, 45' in height, with a total of 136 apartments ranging in size from 880 to 1435 sf; 83 new single family rental homes ranging is size from 1764 to 1820 sf; 11 new row homes;  10 apartment units and 19 memory care units in the existing building; a new 3000 sf stand alone restaurant; and a new pool house. The proposed 259 unit development would be a 55+ Resort Retirement Community with options for assisted and memory care.

A second Neighborhood meeting was held on June 6, 2023. The zoning change from Public Land to higher density faces strong community opposition.

The developer, Richard Whitney, met with Superstition Hills United on Sept. 14, 2023 and informed them that the town of Prescott Valley is requiring a secondary emergency road out of the old NCU complex. Mr. Whitney is in the process of completing the civil engineering needed to accommodate this requirement.

This will also include a new town street that will run from Mendocino, at the eastern end of Florentine Rd., to Sheridan Ln. This is on State land.   Whitney is in the process of getting an easement from the State and is conducting traffic study reports for Superstition Drive and Sheridan Lane.

A third developer neighborhood meeting was held on November 30, 2023. 

The meeting followed a very structured format beginning with a  detailed presentation about the project, followed by a reading of the written questions and comments submitted by the public and concluding with opening the floor for questions and statements.

Presentation before Planning & Zoning was held on Feb. 12, 2024. The Zoning Map Change request and the Preliminary Development Plan were both approved by a vote of 6 in favor and 1 opposed.

On March 14, 2024, Town Council approved the Zoning Map Change request by a vote of 5 YES, 1 NO, 1 ABSENT.

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Fain Enterprises seeks to have a 40 acre parcel located within a residential district re-zoned for the purpose of conducting a sand and gravel mining operation.

In their application to the Town of Prescott Valley dated 7.31.23, landowner, Fain Enterprises, describes the project as: “A rock and gravel harvest site to source hard rock for aggregate materials for use in roads, highways and construction purposes.

The project narrative describes the proposed location as having 5 million tons of usable materials on it. The landowner explains the preferred practice would be to drill, blast and crush materials on-site and haul with over-the-road trucks to their asphalt plant at 2400 Glassford Hill Rd. An alternative practice would be to haul the excavated rock to their current location for crushing.

Fain Enterprises would build a road from the pit to the asphalt plant. The road would be gravel and maintained with dust control provided using water trucks. The road would cross Old Black Canyon Hwy, go into Lynx Creek valley and meet up with existing roads in the valley.

The Town will need to determine whether this “part time use” is compliant with the General Plan and Town Code.  The surrounding properties are zoned for low density residential land use. According to Town Code 13-06-101,  “The purpose of this zoning district is to establish and preserve quiet, conventional single family home neighborhoods as desired by large numbers of people, free from other uses except those that are both compatible with and convenient to the residents of such a district.”


The mining operation will require an application for two approvals by the Town Council and one by the Board of Adjustment.  The Council will need to approve a Minor General Plan Amendment from Low Density to Industrial designation, and from R1L-70 to M1 zoning on the site.  The Board of Adjustment will need to grant a Use Permit per Town Code 13-71-020(C)(4) in order to allow a heavy commercial use that produces noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odor, heat and/or glare beyond the boundaries of the district.


An Oct 23, 2023 Daily Courier article stated that “The town and the Fain family have worked together to find a location for the operation that will not impact [Fain] park land or nearby neighborhoods.”  However, the proposed mining operation is located less than ½ mile from a Dewey-Humboldt residential community, approximately 1 mile from the communities of Stoneridge and Prescott Country Club, and less than 3 miles from Bradshaw Mountain Middle School


On October 24, 2023, Fain Enterprises held a Neighborhood Meeting to receive public comment on the proposed rezoning and General Plan amendment.  There was no formal presentation nor handouts provided. At least 100 residents attended the meeting.


The proposed mining operation would generate silica dust as well as noise.


Prescott Valley residents, Dr. William and Mrs. Penelope Wolf discussed the risk of crystalline silica dust in their Letter to the Editor, published in the Daily Courier on October 24, 2023. Read the full letter here

Listen as residents describe the negative impacts and living conditions associated with living near an existing Fain mining operation in the Mingus West community.  Watch the video.

If Prescott Valley Town Council approves the rezoning request, the landowner must then file a reclamation plan with the State Mining Inspector who determines whether or not to approve the plan. If approved, the landowner then applies for a Mine ID. Additional permits from ADEQ may also be required for this operation.


For more information, citizens may call Development Services at 928-759-3070 or email the Town Manager at

These photos were taken by Prescott Valley resident, Ken Freund, from his home in Mingus West. The photos illustrate the real-time impact that the blasting at the Fain owned Cemex and Vulcan Materials Quarry has on the surrounding neighborhood.

Mr. Freund explains that every time they blast at the quarry his house jolts violently, huge clouds of dust appear and new cracks show up in his ceilings and walls.



Grounds Properties intended to seek a zoning change from commercial C2-PAD to residential R2-PAD for 20 acres at the intersection of Kachina Place and Hwy 69.

Grounds Properties had planned to submit a development proposal to install multiple 3 story apartment buildings on 20 acres for a total of 360 residential rental units.  The proposed community would also include a dog park, fitness center, outdoor pool and event space.

A public hearing was held on August 1, 2023.