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Goals and Objectives

Prescott Valley Citizens Alliance (PVCA) supports public policy that will minimize the depletion of natural resources and that will meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  

PVCA advocates for a healthy environment and high quality of life including:


Sedona Land Development Code

The land development code is an important tool for preserving Sedona's scenic beauty and unique community character.  Can Sedona's land development code serve as a model for well planned development design standards?

Prescott Valley Water Facts:  Water & Growth Part 1

This webinar, hosted by the Citizens Water Advocacy Group (CWAG), gives Prescott Valley citizens the opportunity to learn the facts about the town’s water situation.  Watch the video which features a presentation on the issues and consequences surrounding growth and our water supply. 

Prescott Valley Water Facts:  Water & Growth Part 2:  What's Ahead

This presentation, hosted by the Citizens Water Advocacy Group (CWAG), is the second in a series that describes, in plain English, the scientific evidence about our limited water resource and the role water will play in PV's growth in the years ahead.

Article:  Regional Park or Bulldozed Scar

The Sundog Connector is in direct conflict with the Granite Dells Regional Park.  The potential impacts that the construction of the Sundog Connector will have on our community is explained in this perspective by the Chair of Save the Dells.

Citizens Water Advocacy Group (CWAG)

Save the Dells


Volunteer Opportunities