who we are

Prescott Valley Citizens Alliance (PVCA) is a local grassroots organization that seeks to establish and promote strategies, policy and programs for civic betterment that will raise the standard of leadership, and enhance the quality of life for the community of Prescott Valley.

our mission

Prescott Valley Citizens Alliance promotes good governance for the community of Prescott Valley and seeks to inform others about key issues we face as a region.

We value respect for residents, citizen participation, accountability, transparent decision-making and the highest standards of ethical behavior from our local public officials.

We believe town government should foster small-town charm, development design standards that enhance our quality of life, adequate infrastructure and responsible water management.  

Prescott Valley Citizens Alliance seeks a community environment where the voices of all citizens are heard, valued and appreciated.


Prescott Valley Citizens Alliance envisions a quality future for Prescott Valley that is environmentally desirable and a place where residents are respected, can prosper, and openly engage in local government.


Advocating for sound public policy that prioritizes the needs of residents and sustainable growth.  Seeking truth, transparency and integrity at all levels of leadership. 

Supporting local candidates who will advance the mission and objectives of Prescott Valley Citizens Alliance.  Providing information on local issues and campaigns.

Supporting the protection of natural resources, wildlife habitats, open space, and a regional plan to ensure clean air, safe water and a secure water future.

Putting citizens first.  Having our voices heard and included in the decision-making process to enhance the future of Prescott Valley and the surrounding communities.

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 What's your vision for Prescott ValleySupporting our efforts is a valuable way to make a difference.  Join Prescott Valley Citizens Alliance and take part in the shaping of Prescott Valley.  Together for a Better Tomorrow.

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